Fixed displacement piston motors

HYDRO LEDUC offers high quality materials and workmanship ; The design choices highlighted below ensure the remarkable reliability and long service life of LEDUC motors:

  • Choice of increased bearing capacity for longer service life;
  • Reinforced sealsto withstand back pressure on motor drain return lines;
  • High pressure oil injection on piston heads: this reduces friction, heat and wear;
  • Piston heads engaged into barrel: no risk of piston / plate separation;
  • Design and manufactured with motor barrel and valve plate automatically aligned. This guarantees long service life (because no radial mechanical stress);
  • 7 piston design, ensuring excellent rotating smoothness and constant torque;
  • No gears between plate and rotating barrel yields reduced noise levels.

LEDUC Fixed displacement hydraulic piston motors:

▪ Models from 5 to 180 cc/rev
- M series
- MA series (Version SAE)

▪ Models from 28 to 125 cc/rev
- MSI series

▪ Models from 12 to 126 cc/rev
- MXP series

▪ In-line motor
- MT45 motor

Drainless motor

Variable displacement motor