Microhydraulics makes it feasible to obtain several tons of force from a minimal power source within a very restricted space envelope. The techniques of microhydraulics allow simple easy-to-use solutions to problems that are often at or beyond the limits of traditional mechanical options.
Hydro Leduc offers a complete range of micro-pumps, micro-motors and complete micro-power packs which all have proven reliability of operating in extreme working conditions such as temperature, pressure, medium, and environment.
HYDRO LEDUC's expertise is at your service in very wide applications areas, for example oil research tools, oceanographic instrumentation, aeronautics, hand tools...etc. Do not hesitate to consult us.


hydroleduc micro hydraulique

Fixed displacement mm³ from 12 to 1500
Variable displacement mm³ from 0 to 1500
Max. pressure bar 1000
Displacement cm³ 0.463
Max. continuous operating pressure bar 330
Max. peak operating pressure(≤5%) bar 400
Max. speed rpm 6500
Min. speed rpm 350
Theoretical torque under = 300 bar N.m C = 2.4 Nm
    Check valve
    Pressure relief valves
    Solenoid valves
    Pilote valves