By-pass valve for XPi-XAi pumps

For XPi pump applications where the pump is driven by a continuous running PTO (PTO which cannot be disengaged),
HYDRO LEDUC offers a by-pass valve which is fitted onto the back of the pump.
This solution allows the continuous running of the pump:
▪ without creating problems of fluid overheating;
▪ without affecting pump service life;
▪ with no modifications necessary to the hydraulic circuit of the equipment.


By-pass valve for XPi pumps

LEDUC code
24 Volts   hydroleduc by-pass-valve en
XPi 12 to XPi 63 BP63 0517931
XPi 80 to XPi 130 BP80 0522140


Valve by-pass pour Pompes séries XAi (SAE)

Code LEDUC 24 Volts
XAi 18 à XAi 32 BPA32 0521710
XAi 41 à XAi 63 BPA63 0521715