TXVA: Variable displacement pump (Version SAE)

TXVA pumps :

2 models:

- 75 cc
- 92 cc

With variable displacement and pressure-flow control -called Load Sensing- they automatically regulate to give just what is needed for each movement. Specifically designed for the needs of the truck hydraulic market, the TXV pumps are particularly attractive solutions for applications in loading cranes, forestry cranes, refuse vehicles, salt spreaders and snow and ice equipment, and construction equipment vehicles.


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uk version     american version
TXVA pumps   75 92
Direction of rotation   CW / CCW CW / CCW
Displacement cc 75 92
Max. operating pressure bar 400 380
Maximum peak pressure (intermittent: 5%) bar 420 400
Maximum operating pressure at flow-cancellation bar 440 420
Torque 300 bar N.m 420 515
Max. speed rpm 2000 1900
Weight kg 29 29
Overhang torque N.m 35.2 35.2