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hydroleduc france production factory

The HYDRO LEDUC manufacturing facility includes a machining cell dedicated to prototype production, with modern milling machines and lathes (including 4 and 5 axis machines). The prototype cell was set up to ensure a quick response to the needs of the Research and Development department, and also to reduce leadtimes for production tools.

HYDRO LEDUC has a modern, automated, robotic machine shop organised in autonomous production cells :
– 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC lathes
– 3, 4 and 5 axis machining centres
– machining centres grouped and served by a central tool store with a capacity of 56 pallets
– milling and lapping machines
– 3D control

HYDRO LEDUC has invested to have in-house vacuum ion nitriding, a process applied to all the rotating parts in its components. The heat treatment ovens confer technical control of the process, and a very high degree of flexibility.

Washing machine for mechanical parts :
This step is important in the HYDRO LEDUC production process because it contributes to the success of the subsequent operations, increases lifetime of component parts and tools, and guarantees the quality and reliability of the finished product.

° Laser welding :
This step is used to manufacture welded hydropneumatic accumulators.

° Microhydraulics :
HYDRO LEDUC micro-hydraulic components, used in applications from oil research tools, oceanography, aeronautics, and handtools, for example, are assembled and tested in a clean room totally dedicated to this fast-growing activity.

° Assembly :
HYDRO LEDUC assembly lines are designed according to Lean Manufacturing principles. The “one piece flow” method has been set up to allow the assembly operator to assemble the hydraulic components (pump or motor) one by one. The quality of product assembly is ensured by processes such as “Poka Yoké” systems to avoid errors. To enable its operators to know the performance indicators of their assembly line in real time, such as the quantity of products to be assembled, HYDRO LEDUC has installed “Visual Management” type display screens on the assembly lines. These lines are dedicated to the assembly of rotating products (pumps and motors) but also hydropneumatic accumulators and cylinders (special products).

° Test benches :
Product quality and reliability is a priority for HYDRO LEDUC. 100% of products are tested on specific test benches after assembly.

HYDRO LEDUC has developed a paint that ensures a high resistance to corrosion (500 hours salt spray), which is now standard.
Painting is done on a modern automated line.
After the paint is dry the product is immediately packed and ready for shipment.