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Aeronautics is the origin of HYDRO LEDUC. Our founder, René Leduc, was primarily an aircraft designer-manufacturer and the inventor of the “ramjet” which equipped many prestigious fighter jets.

With this prestigious past and close technical relationships with major aeronautics stakeholders, HYDRO LEDUC provides original and custom hydraulic solutions in sectors such as landing gear, drones, fighter aircraft, and business and civil aviation.


Our Products:

Our micro-hydraulic components are designed to deliver impressive force in a compact format, using minimal power. This combination is ideal for the extreme environmental and temperature conditions often encountered in aeronautics.

  • Micro-Pumps Series PB: 

The PB series micro-pumps represent the pinnacle of our inline piston technology. With a compact design, these pumps deliver remarkable performance in the confined spaces typical of the aerospace industry.


  • High efficiency for maximum performance.
  • Very compact footprint, ideal for limited spaces.
  • Operational pressure up to 1000 bar.
  • Self-priming capability for greater flexibility.
  • Customizable to meet specific needs.
  • Efficient operation up to 175°C.


Our Commitment: 

Research and development in micro-hydraulics are at the core of our mission at HYDRO LEDUC. This commitment enables us to undertake significant projects, meeting the demanding requirements of the aeronautics industry, both nationally and internationally.

We are also aware of our environmental responsibility, which is why we incorporate sustainable practices into our manufacturing process and strive to minimize the ecological impact of our products, without compromising quality or performance.


Explore our innovative solutions in detail by visiting our Hydraulic Components page.

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