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Customized products

Customized product development

Relying on a long experience in hydromechanics (60 years of experience and 180 patents ), HYDRO LEDUC’s specialists offer their know-how to serve your specific requests. One of HYDRO LEDUC’s strengths lies in its technical curiosity and capacity to listen to and understand customer needs, then make the company resources available to you.


The information presented here shows some examples of successful customer specific developments.

We hope this information will generate ideas and questions that will lead to new products. Our curiosity, tenacity and exceptional ressources including design engineering, laboratories, prototype manufacture, series production, sales and customer service … will ensure a close and rewarding cooperation and good  reactivity.

Some HYDRO LEDUC innovations have given rise to original and high-performing solutions to complex problems, such as :

  • special cylinder solutions
  • hydraulic springs
  • micro-hydraulic power packs
  • oil research tools
  • oceanographic research instruments
  • electro-hydraulic solutions
  • portable tools.

We also adapt catalogue products to suit specific customer applciations and needs.

Thank you for the time spent looking at these examples. HYDRO LEDUC hopes they will inspire curiosity and thoughts which could lead to us developing together innovative products essential for tomorrow.