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Hydraulic components

Our hydraulic components

HYDRO LEDUC is proud to offer a wide range of custom and French hydraulic components, meeting the diverse needs of our international clients and ensuring their constant satisfaction with our products.


Our Hydraulic Components Include a Broad Range of Products:


  • Hydraulic Pumps: Fixed and variable displacement pumps designed for optimal performance in various industrial, mobile, and stationary applications.
  • Mobile and Industrial Pumps: Tailored to the demands of different sectors, providing unmatched reliability and efficiency.
  • Electro-pump Units and Accessories: Essential complements for complex hydraulic systems.
  • Hydraulic Motors: Fixed and variable displacement motors, offering power and adaptability for specific application needs.
  • Special Motors: Engineered for specialized uses and precise performance.
  • Hydropneumatic Accumulators: Cylindrical welded, spherical, bladder, and piston accumulators are crucial for storing hydraulic energy and ensuring consistent system performance.
  • Micro-hydraulic Solutions: Micro-motors and micro-pumps suited for applications requiring compact and precise components.


In addition to our standard range, we also offer custom products such as special cylinders, locking stations for optronic systems, or underwater research probes. Have an idea? We design your solution, with no application limits.


With our expertise as a French hydraulic components manufacturer since 1938, we guarantee high-quality products.


One of HYDRO LEDUC’s major strengths is our ability to adapt. Understanding that each business has specific hydraulic component needs, we offer custom product creation to meet unique requirements.


Feel free to contact us for detailed information about our products or to discuss your specific needs. Our team is available to assist you in selecting the best hydraulic components for your projects.