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Ethics Charter

HYDRO LEDUC Ethics Charter

At HYDRO LEDUC, we have drafted our ethicsl charter to formalize and strengthen our commitment to honest, responsible business practices that respect our core values. This charter is not just a regulatory document. It reflects our corporate culture and our commitment to acting ethically in all our interactions, both internal and external.

Strengthening trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any lasting business relationship. By adopting an ethics charter, we affirm our dedication to transparency, integrity, and honesty. We want our partners, clients, suppliers, and employees to trust our ability to always act fairly and equitably.

Commitment to social responsibility

Our charter guides our conduct in respecting human rights, current laws, and international standards. It includes strict policies against corruption, money laundering, and conflicts of interest. Additionally, it has stringent guidelines on confidentiality and data security.

Promoting an ethical work environment

A healthy and ethical work environment is essential for the well-being of our employees. Our ethics charter promotes mutual respect, tolerance, and inclusivity. It firmly opposes any form of discrimination or harassment. By clearly defining these expectations, we create a framework where everyone can grow in a safe and secure environment.

Preventing conflicts of interest

Preventing conflicts of interest is a crucial aspect of our charter. We encourage all our employees to declare any situation that could potentially conflict with the group’s interests. This transparency allows us to maintain our impartiality. Consequently, we can make decisions based solely on the company’s and our stakeholders’ interests.

Respect for laws and regulations

Respect for local and international laws is at the heart of our operations. Our ethicscharter stipulates that all employees must comply with applicable laws and internal regulations. This ensures that we always operate within a legal and ethical framework. Thus, we minimize legal risks and strengthen our reputation as an honest company.

Continuous improvement

The ethics charter is not a static document; it evolves with us. We commit to regularly reviewing and updating our practices to meet new legal requirements and stakeholder expectations. This proactive approach ensures that we remain at the forefront of best practices in ethics and governance.

Our ethics charter is more than just a document. It reflects our unwavering commitment to integrity and excellence. It guides our actions and decisions. By implementing it, we reaffirm our promise to always act responsibly and respectfully, for the benefit of all.

Explore our ethics charter in detail, and understand how we embody these principles daily.