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MXP/MXA series motor

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Description of the product :

Hydraulic motors are of bent axis design with a 40° angle, they combine high performance and reduced size envelope.

The MXP/MXA motors can be used in either closed or open loop systems.

In displacements from 25 to 126 cc/rev for MXP series, and from 25 to 63 cc/rev for the MXA series (SAE version) these motors are designed for use in truck equipment and construction machinery applications, for intermittent service.

(For heavy duty applications, HYDRO LEDUC offers M/MA and MSI motor series ; see our catalogue).

Characteristics and advantages :

  • MXP series : 25 to 126 cc/rev (according to DIN ISO14),
  • MXA series : 25 to 63 cc/rev (according to SAE J744),
  • maximum rotating speed up to 6900 rpm according to the model,
  • maximum operating pressure up to 400 bar continuous and 450 bar peak,
  • can rotate in either direction of rotation (CW or CCW),
  • can be used in all mounting positions,
  • suitable for intermittent duty cycle.

Applications :

  • sewer-cleaning trucks : water pump drive, vacuum pump,
  • high pressure water-pumps,
  • mobile applications,
  • agricultural machinery.