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Welded piston accumulators AP(L)

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Description of the product :
AP(L) piston accumulators are built from a body made of high mechanical resistance forged steel. The fluid-gas separating piston is equipped with seals adapted to the fluids to convey and the temperatures to be supported. AP(L) accumulators, which can be fitted with a charging screw or valve, are a modern solution to the needs of hydraulic circuits.

Characteristics and advantages :

  • useful volumes from 0.16 to 4 litres,
  • max. pressure of 250 or 350 bar depending on the model,
  • extreme operating temperature as standard : -20°C to +80°C,
  • support very high compression ratio,
  • ensure a total and fast discharge of the fluid,
  • can be mounted without position preference,
  • guarantee a very low gas loss over time,
  • can be adapted to the fluids and temperatures of the circuit (on request),
  • long service interval.

Applications :

  • construction equipment,
  • equipment handling,
  • agricultural machinery,
  • shock absorber,
  • energy storage.

To obtain the code of your AP(L) piston accumulator please consult the order code system in our catalogue.