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2-displacement motors MSI2C45 & MSIC249

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Description of the product :

M : Motor.
SI : Semi-integrated, model definition already used for the fixed and variable displacement motors, meaning that the flange is further back so the motor can easily be fitted into a gearbox or hub. These motors are usually used for vehicle wheel drive.
2C : 2 displacements. More often referred to as 2 speed, because with a constant inlet flow, the change in displacement induces a change in shaft speed and therefore in vehicle speed.
45/49 : Maximum displacement varying the angle of the swashplate changes the stroke of the pistons and thus the displacement of the motor.
Control : the motor is naturally at maximum displacement. Supplying oil to the control piston through an orifice in the back piece pushes the swashplate to minimum displacement position.

Characteristics and advantages :

  • high efficiency,
  • 2-displacement motors, max. displacement 49 cc/rev.
  • on request, the minimum and maximum displacement can be factory adjusted,
  • pilot pressure on the X line to change the displacement : from 17 to 70 bar,
  • maximum pressure of 5 bar in the housing (whatever the shaft speed),
  • extreme operating temperature : -25 to 115°C,
  • can be used in either closed or open loop systems,
  • semi-integrated – cartridge motor,
  • bidirectional,
  • options available on request : flushing valve, speed sensor. Please consult.

Applications :

  • construction equipment,
  • agricultural machinery,
  • skid-steer,
  • fan drive.