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Bladder accumulators ABVE

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Description of the product :

HYDRO LEDUC ABVE bottle type accumulators consist of a forged steel body, a bladder, a charging valve and a fluid pat that is used as a connection. It is precisely this fluid pat that is equipped with a poppet valve that will prevent the bladder from being extruded, and with gas side valve used when the hydraulic pressure is applied to the circuit.

Characteristics and advantages :

  • useful volumes from 4 to 50 litres,
  • max. pressure of 330 or 350 bar depending on the model,
  • extreme operating temperature as standard : -20°C to +100°C,
  • interchangeable components with those of major accumulators available,
  • dimensions for easy installation and also use in batteries,
  • NBR bladder (other elastomers on request),
  • high discharge speeds.

Applications :

  • industry.