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Description of the product :

Designed for open loop hydraulic circuits, the DELTA variable displacement pumps allow optimized performance for a given application.

The flow supplied by the pump is automatically regulated according to the control choosen. This guarantees:

  • minimized energy consumption,
  • minimized heating of fluid,
  • reduced noise levels.

Characteristics and advantages :

As standard, the displacements are 40, 60, 75 and 92 cc/rev. DELTA pumps meet the needs of the most demanding users :

  • available with splined or keyed drive shaft,
  • 2 bolt flange according to SAE C standard,
  • long service life,
  • no pressure pulsation (11 piston technology),
  • low noise level,
  • exceptional power mass ratio,
  • high discharge pressure (up to 400 bar depending on the model),
  • easy start-up due to the good self-priming and suction properties,
  • different types of control are possible.

Applications :

  • construction equipment,
  • industry.