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MT45 series motor

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Description of the product :

The MT45 is an in-line piston motor.

Its « semi-integrated » design makes it very compact.

Equipped with a conical keyed shaft, it is optimal for mounting on fan drive.

On request, the MT45 motor can be fitted with an anti-cavitation valve, and with an integrated pressure relief valves, thus further reducing size envelope of the function.

Characteristics and advantages :

  • displacement of 45.1 cc/rev,
  • maximum continuous speed of 4000 rpm,
  • continuous maximum pressure of 280 bar, and 300 bar peak,
  • dual direction of rotation,
  • available options : anti-cavitation valve + integrated pressure limiter (different settings on request),
  • semi-integrated – ISO.

Applications  :

  • fan drive,
  • construction machinery and equipment,
  • agricultural machinery.