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New pump XRE41

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Description of the product :

Our new XRE41 pump is a quiet, high performance pump for your electrical applications.
It is a fixed displacement spherical piston pump, specially adapted for mounting on electric power take-offs.
Its 9-piston design and new timing system reduces pulsation and noise.
The inlet fitting is supplied with the pump.

Characteristics and advantages :

  • flange according to DIN ISO14 (ISO7653),
  • 41 cm³/rev model,
  • 400 bar continuous and 450 bar peak,
  • maximum speed of 2800 rpm,
  • quiet pump

Applications :

  • truck equipment (examples: truck cranes, forestry cranes, hook lift, skip loader, stabilization cylinders),
  • snow and ice equipment (examples: spreaders, snow blades, turbines),
  • fire trucks,
  • military.