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Materials handling equipment

With proven expertise in terrestrial mobile applications, HYDRO LEDUC stands as a trustworthy partner. We offer remarkable hydraulic solutions in sectors such as industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, and public works equipment.

Our extensive know-how is also reflected in our diverse offering of components dedicated to handling equipment, providing cutting-edge performance and unmatched reliability for lifting and handling operations.


Our Products:

At the heart of our range for handling equipment are innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of this demanding industry. Our dual displacement engine from the MSI2C series is designed to offer two speeds, defaulting to maximum displacement with a switch to minimum via an oil feed. This engine delivers optimal power while ensuring maximum precision and efficiency during lifting operations, making it an ideal choice for handling equipment requiring superior performance in challenging work environments.

Our hydropneumatic accumulators, available in the ACS(L) and AP(L) series, are essential components for ensuring stability and safety. Whether cylindrical welded accumulators or piston accumulators, they provide efficient energy management for precise and secure lifting operations.

In addition to these handling-specific products, our extensive catalog includes other versatile hydraulic components such as fixed (M series) or variable (MV series) displacement engines, and bladder hydropneumatic accumulators (ABVE). These components are also perfectly suited to meet the specific demands of handling, ensuring reliable performance and increased durability.


Our Commitment:

At HYDRO LEDUC, our commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in our cutting-edge hydraulic solutions. We utilize our technical expertise to understand your specific needs and help you select the right components that will enhance the efficiency and safety of your handling operations.


For more information about our products dedicated to handling equipment or to discuss your particular requirements, do not hesitate to contact our specialized team. Together, let’s find the hydraulic solutions that will enhance the performance of your handling equipment.